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The monthly meetings, starting at 7.30pm. usually take the form of an introduction and welcome by the chairman followed by any announcements, Sky Diary for the month ahead, observing reports and news items, the last two are open discussions. This is followed by the main event of the evening which is normally a talk/lecture by a guest speaker or one of our members, with an interval for tea/coffee about 8.45pm. The meetings normally end between 9.30 and 10.00pm.

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2001 - 2002 Title Speaker
8th Aug, 2001 An introduction to Observing and Astrophotography
12th Sep, 2001 Russell's African Escapade'. (The Solar Eclipse) Russell Cockman
22nd Sep, 2001 Public Exhibition in Laurieston Old Peoples Hall
10th Oct, 2001 1) Night Sky Pointers
2) Navigating by the Stars
Jim Ward
David Goulding
14th Nov, 2001 1) Practical Astronomy using Photographs
2) Trip to Cape Canaveral
Mark Pollock
Diane & Yvonne Cherry
12th Dec, 2001 A History of Astronomy in Scotland David Gavine
9th Jan, 2002 Satellite Tracking Russell Eberst
13th Feb, 2002 AGM, followed by members slide show Committee
13th Mar, 2002 Telescope Manufacturing John Braithwaite
10th Apr, 2002 TBA TBA
8th May, 2002 Session round-up Commitee
2002 - 2003 Title Speaker
21st Aug, 2002 Open night Commitee
11th Sep, 2002 Astronomy software Committee
9th Oct, 2002 TBA TBA
13th Nov, 2002 Observing variable stars Dave Gavine
11th Dec, 2002 An accretion disc on two legs Margaret Morris
8th Jan, 2003 The Moon: History and Observations Dominic Fleming
12th Feb, 2003 AGM Committee
12th Mar, 2003 TBA TBA
9th Apr, 2003 TBA TBA
14th May, 2003 Session round up Committee
2003 - 2004 Title Speaker
13th Aug, 2003 Changing Views of Mars Heather Couper
10th Sep, 2003 Cameras, telescopes and observing Douglas Couper
15th Oct, 2003 Meteors Neil Bone
12th Nov, 2003 Rocks from Space. Display and talk on Meteorites Jamie Shepherd
10th Dec, 2003 Astronomy with Magic Lantern Slides Mark Butterworth
14th Jan, 2004 Looking at Nebulae Brian Kelly
11th Feb, 2004 AGM, followed by members’ slide show Various
10th Mar, 2004 Visit by Stirling and Dundee astronomy societies Various
14th Apr, 2004 TBA TBA
13th May, 2004 Session round up Various
2004 - 2005 Title Speaker
11th Aug, 2004 Transit of Venus Russell, Douglas, Diane and Martin
8th Sep, 2004 TBA TBA
13th Oct, 2004 X-Craft - The First Space Shuttle? Neil Grubb
10th Nov, 2004 TBA TBA
8th Dec, 2004 Medieval Meteors and Aurora David Gavine
12th Jan, 2005 A Trip to the Stars Alan Cayless
11th Feb, 2005 AGM Committee
4th Mar, 2005 Joint Meeting with Falkirk, Stirling & Dundee at Mills
9th Mar, 2005 In Search of the 40 Foot Bob Bowers
13th Apr, 2005 Falkirk & District Amateur Radio Society Various
11th May, 2005 Session Round-up Committee
2005 - 2006 Title Speaker
10th Aug, 2005 Open Meeting
14th Sep, 2005 Members Night
12th Oct, 2005 Lunar Eclipse Various members
9th Nov, 2005 Sunspots Dr Lyndsay Fletcher
14th Dec, 2005 The History of Calton Hill Observatories Graham Rule
11th Jan, 2006 Comets Ken Kennedy
8th Feb, 2006 AGM Committee
8th Mar, 2006 TBA TBA
12th Apr, 2006 The Turkey Experience Various members
10th May, 2006 Session Round-up Committee
2006 - 2007 Title Speaker
16th Aug, 2006 Astronomy Beginners Various
13th Sep, 2006 New Eyes in the Sky Bill Ward
11th Oct, 2006 Magic of the Cosmos Professor John Brown
8th Nov, 2006 James Naysmyth David Gavine
13th Dec, 2006 Active Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes Professor Ian Robson
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
10th Jan, 2007 Rocket Science Neil Grubb
14th Feb, 2007 A.G.M. A.G.M.
14th Mar, 2007 Hinode and STEREO satellites Dr Lyndsay Fletcher
11th Apr, 2007 Imagined Planets David Paterson
9th May, 2007 Session Round-up. Various
2007 - 2008 Title Speaker
8th Aug, 2007 Open meeting. Open meeting
12th Sep, 2007 Space Without a Rocket Andy Nimmo
3rd Oct, 2007 Astronomy with a Small Telescope. Neil Bone
14th Nov, 2007 1) Spectra
2) A visit to ESO Paranal
Graeme McCloud
Horst Meyerdierks
12th Dec, 2007 Quiz Night Quiz Night
9th Jan, 2008 Applied Astronomy David Paterson
13th Feb, 2008 A.G.M. A.G.M.
12th Mar, 2008 The Sun in White Light and H-Alpha. Lyn Smith
9th Apr, 2008 Captain Cook and the Cosmic Yardstick. Martin Hendry
14th May, 2008 Volcanoes in the Solar System Alice-Amanda Kay
2008 - 2009 Title Speaker
10th Sep, 2008 The Southern Sky Dr. Russell Cockman
8th Oct, 2008 Narrow Band Imaging & working with the Canon 20DA Douglas Cooper
12th Nov, 2008 Skating on Thin Ice Dr. Helen Fraser.
10th Dec, 2008 Magic Lantern show
Christmas Quiz
Mark Butterworth
14th Jan, 2009 TBA Prof John Brown
11th Feb, 2009 AGM The Committee
11th Mar, 2009 The Astronomy of Sundials Dave Gavine
8th Apr, 2009 The Science of Star Wars Martin Hendry
13th May, 2009 Neutron Astronomy Alex MacKinnon - Glasgow University
2009 - 2010 Title Speaker
9th Sep, 2009 The wonders of silicon – How CCD cameras work Paul Kent from Glasgow
14th Oct, 2009 Robert Burns and Astronomy (a synopsis of the talk is also available Dr Catherine Smith-Mason
11th Nov, 2009 Basic Astro Photography Douglas Cooper
9th Dec, 2009 Astrochemistry: Revealing the Nature of Star Forming Regions
Also Xmas Quiz
Alison Craigon
13th Jan, 2010 The Science of Star Wars Martin Hendry
10th Feb, 2010 AGM The committee
10th Mar, 2010 Earth Like Planets - and how to find them? Dr Andy Longmore from the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
14th Apr, 2010 Our Place in the Universe Prof. Andy Lawrence from the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
12th May, 2010 The Aurora Alan Cayless from Stirling Astronomical Society
2010 - 2011 Title Speaker
8th Sep, 2010 The Airdrie Public Observatory 1835 - Present Paul Clark from the Airdrie Astronomical Association
13th Oct, 2010 Antikythera Mechanism Nikolaos Anagnostou
10th Nov, 2010 Astronomical connections between Scotland and Germany Dave Gavine
8th Dec, 2010 Cancelled due to weather -
12th Jan, 2011 Radio Astronomy: A Shift in Wavelength Leslie Campbell from the Association of Falkirk Astronomers
9th Feb, 2011 Annual General Meeting The Committee
9th Mar, 2011 Adaptive Optics - Obtaining the Finest Images from Large Telescopes Dr Andy Longmore from the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
13th Apr, 2011 To be confirmed To be confirmed
11th May, 2011 To be confirmed Alan Cayless from Stirling Astronomical Society
2011 - 2012 Title Speaker
8th Jun, 2011 Barbecue at Muiravonside Country Park
14th Sep, 2011 Supercool astronomy Prof Ian Robson
Royal Observatory Edinburgh
12th Oct, 2011 Hunting the dragon: The mystery of active galactic nuclei Prof Andy Lawrence
Royal Observatory of Edinburgh
9th Nov, 2011 Manned mission to Mars Duncan Lunan
14th Dec, 2011 Dials (short talk) followed by Christmas astronomy quiz. Cairns Mason
11th Jan, 2012 Did we really land on the Moon? Prof Martin Hendry
School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow
8th Feb, 2012 Annual General Meeting The Committee
14th Mar, 2012 Astrofest Douglas Cooper
11th Apr, 2012 Douglas will be bringing a selection of telescopes along to explain the secrets of astrophotography Douglas Cooper
9th May, 2012 Astrophotography, image processing, image stacking and more... Douglas Cooper
2012 - 2013 Title Speaker